Artesanato e Ponto – eduK

While working at eduK, initially, I was manager of international photography courses, responsible for contact with authors and coordinator of instructional design of each course. Later on, I was responsible of eduK’s arts & crafts blog, in charge of production and management of content marketing related to it, one of the most lucrative of the company. Also responsible of reports and content strategy.

Following, you will find some of the posts I published for the blog in Portuguese, clicking on the image related to each one.

Among the skills I developed for this tasks are:

  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Trends research
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Link do texto: Aprenda como precificar seu artesanato
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Link do texto: Tendências na decoração de quarto de bebê

The period working for eduK was one of the richest I’ve experienced. I learnt from various techniques to new areas of work I am passionate about.

The experience gained with SEO and analytics showed in the results of the organic flux of the blog, where extremely satisfying. Besides enjoying the arts & crafts movement and the new creative economies, the research for trends and tendencies in this market was quite enjoyable.